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“Rescoring Richter” and “HANS RICHTER: Everything Turns–Everything Revolves” are heading to Soundtrack_Cologne, the German festival of music and sound in film and media. The films will run back to back on November 21st at the Thyssen Striftung. For tickets.

Since its inception a decade ago, SoundTrack_Cologne has developed into the leading platform for music in film and the media in the German-speaking world.The film program SEE THE SOUND, in which both of Davidson’s films will be featured, is dedicated specifically to the combination of moving image and music, and presents the best examples of music documentaries, artistic films about music and musicians, biopics about musicians or bands, discerning documentaries about concerts, or portraits of bands, short films and music videos.

The Fritz Thyssen Striftung, Cologne Germany, Thursday November 21st:
7:00PM – “HANS RICHTER: Everything Turns – Everything Revolves”
8:30 PM – “Rescoring Richter”Rescoring Richter